Wedding Anniversaries

August 01, 2019


3 Jan and Bob Bruce
4 Becca and Ed Powers
4 Lynn and Jud Powers
8 Eddye and Austin Carr
9 Jackie and Eric Everett
11 Ann and Greg Oakley
12 Jo Anne and Tom Hairston
14 Megan and Jonathan Clark
22 Hilary and Ron Hurst
27 Moseley and Cody Snyder
28 Fran and Peter Combs
28 Tracey and Doug Harmon
28 Susan and Nick McLean
30 Karen and Dean Tillison


2 Lisa and Doug Mitchell
3 Mary and Tommy Curtin
12 Diana and Johnny Fuller
31 Tineke and Bill Marburg


9 Dave and Valerie Zochowski
20 Harriett and John Harty
23 Jade and Justin Carson
29 Elliott and Carl Moore


5 Gwen and Archie Hubbard
10 Audrey and Sarfraz Zaidi
12 Annette Perkins and Michael Johnston
16 Stephanie and Chris Yoder
20 Barbara Sue and Joe Kurre
23 Viki and David Bettis
28 Jane and Tim Haer
31 Tina and Ed Hitt
31 Shauna Nefos-Webb and Michael Webb